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Sensitive skins


Vitamin E helps to soothe and normalize reddened skin, protecting it from the onset of irritation and helping it to restore its natural beauty.

When the functionality of the outermost layer of the epidermis (hydrolipidic film) is compromised, the skin is vulnerable showing an exaggerated reactivity to external stimuli: it irritates and reddens easily, appears dry, thin and without brightness. For this reason it is called "sensitive or hyper-reactive skin" and can appear anywhere on the face and body. PHYTAMIN SENSITIVE SKIN is the program for the correct cosmetic routine to normalize and strengthen the skin barrier of the face and body day after day. Each product is formulated to effectively but delicately counteract the imperfections of sensitive skin by combining 3 active ingredients: colloidal oats, Vitamin E and light natural water from the Dolomites (with a reduced degree of hardness).

98% ingredients of natural origin * Average value of the line.

Tested for Nickel, Chromium, Mercury and Cobalt - Dermatologically tested - Without parabens, mineral oils, silicones and SLES


Ingredients of natural origin

* average value of the line

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