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Phytamin Solari


Vitamin E, thanks to its anti-free radical action, protects the skin from the damage of photo-aging. Vitamin F stimulates cell regeneration and helps to maintain the correct state of skin hydration intact.

PHYTAMIN SOLARI F + E is the line of multifunctional products suitable for both adults and children: they guarantee effective protection from damage caused by UVA (aging effect) and UVB (sunburn, erythema) radiations and the rapid restoration of the correct state of skin hydration, without excluding the golden and lasting tan. They counteract photo-aging by associating the antioxidant and photoprotective action of Vitamins F and E with the moisturizing and anti-aging action of Chia Seed Oil and Organic Karanjia Oil.

72% ingredients of natural origin * Average value of the line.

Tested for Nickel, Chromium, Mercury and Cobalt - Dermatologically tested - Without parabens, mineral oils, silicones and SLES


Ingredients of natural origin

* average value of the line

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