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SUNA Natural SL

Presentation of the company

SUNANATURAL SL is a company made up of professionals with a long experience in the parapharmaceutical and natural products sector. The main objective of the company is to import and distribute in the Canary Islands health products, food supplements and cosmetics of highly qualified and certified Italian companies at European level.

The passion for excellence, our enthusiasm and  ethical values, in continuous and fruitful evolution, are the fundamental ingredients that have fueled the search for innovative products in step with the continuous changes of a sector that is increasingly rich in supply and demand.

Since 2016 our desire is to satisfy those who love the quality of life, those who wish to obtain the energy and the fundamental elements from nature to find well-being and balance.

For this reason, the products we process, from cosmetics to food supplements, passing through the pharmaceutical sector, are of superior quality and accompanied by national and international certifications.

Nature is not deceptive, and neither do we want to be.

Suna Natural SL is registered in the Spanish General Health Register of Food and Food Companies with the number 26.016107 / GC

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