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the right value of beauty


The power of vitamins the balance of nature, face, body, hair programs.
For the harmony of the face, for the balance of the body and for the beauty of the hair.

All products are paraben free, dermatologically tested, nickel, chromium, mercury and cobalt tested

PHYTAMIN A NORMAL SKIN is the daily program for cleansing and treating the facial skin, aimed at prolonging the optimal state of normal skin as much as possible. Each product is formulated with Vitamin A in synergy with specific mix of natural extracts and active ingredients with protective, moisturizing and anti-aging action.

96% ingredients of natural origin.

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PHYTAMIN AND SENSITIVE SKIN is the program for the correct cosmetic routine to normalize and strengthen the skin barrier of the face and body day after day.

Each product is formulated to effectively but delicately counteract the imperfections of sensitive skin by combining 3 active ingredients: colloidal oats, Vitamin E and light natural water from the Dolomites (with a reduced degree of hardness).

98% ingredients of natural origin.

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PHYTAMIN A + C MATURE SKIN is the daily anti-aging program with a global proactive effect, able to help the skin to organize its own defenses against extrinsic and intrinsic aging. Day after day the skin will appear brighter, more toned and with an even complexion; wrinkles will be less evident and skin spots attenuated.

94% ingredients of natural origin.


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PHYTAMIN E is the daily cleansing and treatment program for the skin of the body , to gently guarantee hygiene and protection and restore - where necessary - the correct state of hydration.

Each product is formulated with Vitamin E and with synergistic mix of natural extracts and active ingredients with a humectant, emollient and restorative action, which assist and enhance its specific activity.

90% ingredients of natural origin.


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History and expertise, nature and science have been concentrated in the single concept of PHYTAMIN DEO PERFORMANCE to guarantee the protection and effectiveness of hygiene and personal well-being, in daily and over time. Phytamin Deo Performance is the new line of 0% antiperspirant deodorants for men and women exclusively in Pharmacies, characterized by different effectiveness times (24h, 48h, 72h, 7 days). Each product is formulated with Vitamin E and with a specific mix of chemical and natural active ingredients, which act synergistically in preventing the formation of unpleasant odors.

94% Ingredients of natural origin


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PHYTAMIN HAIR B6 is the cleansing and treatment program that takes care of the scalp and hair according to individual problems (dryness, dandruff, excess sebum), helping to restore their natural balance. Each product is formulated with Vitamin B6 and with specific mix of natural extracts and active ingredients with moisturizing, emollient and conditioning action, which support and enhance the specific activity.

96% Ingredients of natural origin



PHYTAMIN SOLARI F + E is the line of multifunctional products suitable for both adults and children: they guarantee effective protection from damage caused by UVA (aging effect) and UVB (sunburn, erythema) radiations and the rapid restoration of the correct state of skin hydration, without excluding the golden and lasting tan.

72% ingredients of natural origin

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