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Find out how to double your energy

When the Energy of the mind is combined with the Energy of the body, life lights up with colors, making us enter into our power.

And the greatest power is to have the charge to live a wonderful life.

The experience of living a similar power, full of great vitality, was experienced by the whole Naturando community on the occasion of the relaunch of a historical product: the food supplement Energia Forte Plus.


Since 1975, Energia Forte Plus, a highly effective Naturando supplement, based on Ginseng Il Hwa Sigillo Oro, Royal Jelly and Wheat Germ Oil, continues to provide energy to thousands of men and women.

And this supplement is back in the spotlight at the Autodromo di Franciacorta in an exciting Go-Kart race with the dispute of the TURN ON ENERGY Trophy.

The Energy lights up life and when the Energy met the passion of the participants in the race, everything came alive, the emotions went to a thousand and a great joy was generated to compete and be together.

The whole Naturando community, with employees, agents, managers and informants was divided into 4 teams: Yellow, Orange, Red, Black.

With the descent on the track, everyone experienced an afternoon full of adrenaline, competing for a common goal: to turn on and multiply the energy and enthusiasm of each one.

Between deep passions, great support and a strong competitive spirit, the final was won by Alessandro Smeraldi, of the Orange team.


If you too are one of those people who aspire to continuous improvement and want to enhance your energy even more, now there is positive news for you.

Naturando has decided to give those who buy the Energia Forte Plus supplement the brand new and exclusive CD Turn on Energy *. It is an unprecedented audio path, a support to help you multiply your energy and your enthusiasm, empowering your thoughts. The special voice, chosen to guide you, is that of Ciro Imparato, capable of generating great and engaging emotions.

That's why your energy can double.

You can find the store closest to your home by going to the stores page or by calling the toll-free number 800-254142.


Live the Energy too, live a wonderful life and remember: the more you multiply the energy towards others, the more it will return to you regenerated, vital, creative.

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