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Tussil 400 Tablets

Tussil 400 Tablets


Full action  against dry and irritating cough.
Comfortable and practical:  in suckable tablets to always carry with you.
Maximum concentration:  with 400 mg of functional substances per tablet.


Directions for use

For adults:
It is recommended to dissolve 1 tablet in the mouth as needed, up to 3 tablets per day.
For children over 6 years:
1 tablet per day is recommended. Being tablets to be dissolved in the mouth, they are not recommended if the child is not able to take them independently.

  • Composition


    Adatoda, Thyme, Ivy, Mallow, Hyaluronic Acid of high molecular weight.


    1 tablet contains:

    Adatoda es 100 mg;

    Alkaloids app.  0.5 mg;
    Ivy eg  100 mg;

    Ederegenina app. 1 mg;

    Mallow eg  95 mg;

    Polysaccharides app.  23.75 mg;

    thyme  ex  75 mg;

    Ialuonic acid  30 mg;

    Thyme oe  3 mg.


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