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Gola Gocce shelter

Gola Gocce shelter

Dietary supplement containing Propolis
Propolis, a substance produced by bees to protect and disinfect the cells of the bee hive, is one of the substances that has been used since ancient times, which in fact may date back to the time of Pliny the elder.
It is impossible to determine the exact and universally acknowledged composition of propolis as it can vary considerably according to the place of origin, season and many other factors.

  • Details

    To simplify, we can divide the main COMPONENTS into 5 large groups:

    Resins (45-55%)
    Wax and fatty acids (25-35%)
    Essential oils and volatile substances (10%)
    Pollens (5%)
    Organic and mineral compounds (5%)

    The alcoholic carrier ensures easy absorption of the extract of dewaxed Propolis and therefore its particular effectiveness.

    30 ml

    Gluten Free


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