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Quotidiana Antiodorante Zero

Quotidiana Antiodorante Zero

Quotidiana Zero is a very delicate anti-odor gel formulated with totally natural ingredients that are able to neutralize odors in the underarm areas without altering the perspiration, pH and balance of the skin.

Zero is the target of this gel.
Zero Aluminum salts
Zero Potassium salts
Zero Parabens
Zero Petroleum products
Zero Phenoxyethanol
Zero Perfume
Perspiration is a physiological function which should not be stopped.
A good deodorant must prevent the formation of bad odors (deodorant), not act as an anti-perspirant.

Thanks to the delicacy and absence of antiperspirant substances, this gel meets the needs of all skin types, in particular those that are more sensitive or intolerant to ordinary deodorants.
The presence of Aloe gel makes the product even more delicate.
Dermatologically tested
Nickel tested
Not tested on animals
  • Details

    Its 5 valuable ingredients work in synergy:
    Sensidin®DO - A complex with registered trademark, it unites effective anti-odorant and protective properties with those that combat the bacteria that cause odors. This special substance, tested with the sniff test, resulted in a considerable reduction in odor.
    Triethyl citrate - This lowers cutaneous pH, reducing the enzyme activity of bacteria and thereby preventing the formation of odors.
    Vitamin E - An antioxidant, it confers softness and enhances the action of the other substances.
    Aloe vera gel and Witch hazel - Natural freshness and skin protection.

    Quotidiana ZERO does not cover odors, but prevents their formation, eliminating them at source and conferring a feeling of freshness.

    50 ml


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