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Quotidiana Antiodorante Spray

Quotidiana Antiodorante Spray

Classic Anti-odor Daily

Classic Deodorant Spray.
Prevents the formation of bad odors due to perspiration.
Perspiration is a physiological function which should not be stopped.
A good deodorant must prevent the formation of bad odors (deodorant), not act as an anti-perspirant.
Naturando has formulated a deodorant that blocks the bacterial breakdown of perspiration, preventing the resulting bad odor while respecting the skin's natural physiology.
It has a refreshing action, and can be used even in delicate areas such as the underarm, underbreast and groin areas.
Formulated as an ecological spray, without propellants.
  • Details

    Sage - bactericidal and antiperspirant properties.
    Witch hazel - astringent and toning effect on the microcirculation.
    Birch - disinfectant and antibacterial properties
    Menthol - refreshing and soothing.

    100 ml


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