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Balsamika ointment

Balsamika ointment

Ointment for external use containing plant substances.

It Has soothing effects on muscular rigidity.
Promotes blood microcirculation and the metabolism of tissues in the treated area.

This is an ointment containing natural substances which have been carefully selected by the Naturando research division and suitably dosed and measured.
It has an immediate and effective action on parts of the body affected by muscular rigidity. The soothing effect of its natural ingredients is perceived immediately after application, and is caused by an exchange of heat from inside the skin towards the outside.

A light massage accelerates penetration of the substances into the skin. Best effects are achieved if the treated area is covered with a light cloth after application.

Its totally natural composition makes it well tolerated even by the most delicate skin.

It is popular with massage therapists and physiotherapists, does not cause redness, is not greasy and does not stain.

  • Details

    Menthol - Plays a vital role in preventing cramps and neuralgic pain.
    Camphor - Accelerates the natural process of evaporation and improves the diffusion of the substances and functional ingredients it contains.
    Clove Oil - Has considerable soothing effects.
    Beeswax - Used as a carrier. Neutral, does not stain and protects the ointment from oxidation. Does not cause skin irritations, on the contrary, its functional ingredients are gradually released, enabling the ointment to be absorbed completely.
    Sweet Almond Oil - is used as a carrier of the functional ingredients to enhance their absorption and assist application during massage.

    30 ml


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