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Oftalia Integrator

Oftalia Integrator

Food supplement based on Vitamin C, E, Copper, Zinc, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Blueberry.
Promotes visual function.
It performs a protective action on the structures of the eye.
Oftalia supplement is a valuable aid for the good functionality of the eye and visual structures in general. It is a valuable aid in case of visual stress (computer, video, reading), vision difficulties at dusk, difficulty focusing caused by stress.
Oftalia supplement is composed of specific and precious natural ingredients for the well-being of sight.

  • Details


    Vitamin C - Equipped with antioxidant action, it is able to protect the cellular structures of the eye from damage induced by free radicals

    Vitamin E - Acts as an anti-free radical in synergy with vitamin C

    Copper - Acts as an antioxidant by protecting the cellular structures of the eye

    Zinc - It is useful for the visual function, moreover in the presence of copper supplements it is always necessary to provide a zinc supplement as well

    Lutein - Contrasts the appearance of macular degenerations, the appearance of cataracts and other degenerative phenomena in the eye.

    Zeaxanthin - Protects the cellular structures of the eye.

    Blueberry extract - It is certainly the best known plant for promoting visual function, especially in the dark.


    30 capsules


    Before taking the product read the warnings on the box.


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