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Glamor Curls Serum

Glamor Curls Serum

Glamor Curls Serum

The product
Anti-frizz treatment for perfectly designed and defined curls.

With Elast-Complex, Marine Elastine and Soy proteins.

Protected from humidity, free from frizz curly hair becomes perfectly controlled.

Directions: apply on moist hair over entire length, then dry and style as usual. Do not rinse.

Recommended for
Recommended for wavy, rebellious and prone to frizzy hair and wish to accentuate naturally curly, wavy or permed hair.

Properties and cosmetic use
The Marine Elastine is a protein complex extracted from the skin of tuna and salmon, Elast-Complex is made up vitamins E, F, A and C. Their formulation in micro spheres form makes them more available and easy to spread in the area to be treated.

The Marine Elastine has a coat forming and moisturizing action.

Thanks to its content of amino-acids can provide a significant increase of the hydration and elasticity of the hair.

The multivitamin complex, has a potent antioxidant, protective and anti-aging action, due to the synergistic action of the 4 vitamins in it.


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