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Soothing first-aid cream for skin irritations caused by burns, insect bites, dermatitis, sun rash, depilation and shaving.
A pool of 8 valuable plant ingredients that are useful for treating itching and redness, and skin disorders in general.
No parabens
No petroleum products
No animal proteins
No methacrylates
No colorants
Nickel Tested
Dermatologically tested
  • Details

    TEA TREE OIL: Excellent bactericide, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Indicated for the treatment of skin irritations, insect bites and burns.
    BLACKCURRANT BUDS: Very useful in the treatment of irritated skin thanks to their softening, eutrophic and protective properties.
    ALOE VERA: Has soothing and anti-redness functions which ensure moisturization and softening. Noted for its regenerative properties.
    SHEA BUTTER: Has emollient, antioxidant, soothing, moisturizing and re-epithelializing properties. Its unique characteristic is its very high content (between 12% and 18%) of unsaponifiables, essential substances for the improving of the tone and suppleness of the skin.
    CALENDULA: Softening, soothing, refreshing and re-epithelializing functions. Ideal for dry chapped and easily reddened skin.
    CHAMOMILE: Used for its soothing, emollient, protective and purifying effects.
    MALLOW: The high sugar content makes it very effective in soothing burns and irritated skin.
    BETAINE: Extracted from sugar beet. Exerts humectant and rebalancing functions on the physiological pH of the skin.

    50 ml


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