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Elixir 19.3

Elixir 19.3

Elixir 19.3

The product
Elisir 19.3, the new beauty gesture inspired by ancient oriental rituals, is a versatile and universal treatment ideal for all hair type. Absorbed rapidly, it leaves no residues in the hair. Silkiness, shine, moisturizing and lightness. A precious cocktail of three oils: Argan, Linseed and Baobab. For all hair type.

Recommended for
To women who love to take care of hair. Elisir 19.3 nourishes, moisturizes and protects hair wrapping it with an amber-scented fragrance.

Properties and cosmetic use
The secret of its formula is a cocktail of three natural oils:
the precious Argan oil makes hair soft and shining;

Baobab Oil, very pure and rare, revitalizes and nourishes; Linseeds oil helps smooth the hair cuticle providing a perfect light reflection.


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