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Dortil Complex

Dortil Complex

Natural dietary supplement containing plant extracts.
Promotes serene and restful sleep.
Useful in cases where there are difficulties in getting off to sleep, frequent night waking and early waking.

  • Details

    Passion flower - Sedative properties at a nervous level; used above all for sleep disorders.
    Lime Tree - Sedative and calming properties, useful in cases of excessive nervous excitation.
    Escholtzia - Sedative and tranquilizing properties, reduces nervous excitation and anxiety caused by excessive stress.
    Valeriana - Sedative properties; induces calmness in cases of nervous agitation and stress-induced anxiety.
    Lemon Balm - Calming and relaxing properties; useful in cases of sleep disorders.
    Jujube - Sedative properties for promoting sleep.
    Lavender - Used for generations for its calming effects.

    50 ml

    Caution: Use of this product is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    Before taking this product, please read the instructions on the box carefully.


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