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Defence Urto Infuso

Defence Urto Infuso

Infusion for seasonal problems


• Baobab and Echinacea strengthen the body’s natural defences and assist the functions of the upper respiratory tract.
• Aronia exerts a support and restorative action.
• Ginger counters localised tension and has an antinausea action.
• Eucalyptus has a balsamic effect and an emollient and soothing action on the oropharyngeal mucous membranes.
• Thyme improves the fluidity of bronchial secretions and the health of nose and throath.

Recommended dose and method of use

For adults: take 2 sachets a day, dissolving the contents in warm water.
For children from 3 years of age: take 1 sachet a day.

  • Details


    Honey, Baobab, Aronia, Ginger, Echinacea, Selenium, Thyme, Mint, Eucaliptus, Manuka.

    Each sachet contains:

    Honey                                                500,0 mg
    Baobab plv                                      250,0 mg
    Aronia d.e.                                        200,0 mg
    2.5% antocianidines, equal to  5,0 mg
    Ginger d.e.                                       100,0 mg
    1% gingerols, equal to                 1,0 mg
    Echinacea d.e.                                100,0 mg
    4% polyphenols, equal to          4,0 mg
    Selenium                                          41,5 mg  75,5% NRV
    Thyme e.o.                                        5,0 mg
    Mint e.o.                                             5,0 mg
    Eucaliptus e.o.                                 5,0 mcg
    Manuka e.o.                                      5,0 mg

    15 sachets
    Gluten Free
    Suitable for children from three years old