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Fritz Control

Fritz Control

Frizz Controll Shampoo

The product
Professional formula, NO SLES/SLS, parabens and isothiazolinones free, anti-frizz shampoo delicately cleanses and helps detangle and protect dry, unruly hair from frizz.

Sericin, a precious active component extracted from silkworms (Bombyx Mori), bonds to keratin forming an invisible protective and hydrating film over the hair surface.

Enriched with Aloe that conteracts the effects of haesh weather conditions, horsetail and Elastin.

Protected from humidity, UV rays, smog and frizz-free , hair is smooth as silk to the touch, softer and perfectly controlled .

Directions: Pour product into palms and apply on damp hair . Massage and rinse thoroughly.

Recommended for
Recommended for wavy, rebellious and prone to frizzy hair that wish to have more disciplined, softer and easier to comb hair.

Properties and cosmetic use
The Sericin is a natural hydrosoluble protein derived from processing the silk produced by the Bombix Mori, which binds to the hair keratin producing and invisible protective and moisturizing coat.

The Serecin carries out 3 main effects: direct moisturizing effect (fixes water on the surface of the skin), indirect moisturizing effect (the elastic and protective coat produced by the Serecin reduces the TEWL or transepidermal water loss), increasing skin hydration and the firming effect, thanks to the coat producing properties protects the hair from climate changes, humidity and ultraviolet light, such as in nature protects the chrysalis during the metamorphosis to become a butterfly.


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