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Anti-Frizz Express Conditioner

Anti-Frizz Express Conditioner

Anti-Frizz Express Conditioner

The product
Professional Express Conditioner detangles, hydrates and protects from frizz, unruly and dry hair. Performs an anti-static action while protecting hair when drying. The beauty gesture necessary and complementary to the specific shampoo and recommended before further treatments.

Recommended for
dry, frizzy and unruly hair

Properties and cosmetic use
Sericin, a precious active component extracted from silkworms (Bombyx Mori), bonds to keratin forming an invisible protective and hydrating film over the hair surface. Hair is more manageable and softer, smooth as silk to the touch and perfectly controlled.

Sericin performs three important functions: direct moisturizing effect (it fixes water on skin surface), indirect moisturizing effect (an elastic and protecting film reduces the TEWL, trans-epidermal water loss), increasing skin moisturizing and a tensor effect, thanks to filming properties protects hair from atmospheric agents, humidity end UV rays.


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