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Double Disk

Double Disk

Double Disk

Practical and effective cleansing pads containing Aloe Vera.
Can be used two pads a week to remove dead cells, blackheads and impurities.
Suitable for deep facial cleansing.
Reach the hard-to-clean areas of the face.
One side is dermoabrasive, the other smooth. Result: smooth, radiant skin.
Stimulate cell turnover, contributing to healthy skin.
Respect the skin’s natural balance, keeping pH levels stable.
Practical and effective Double Disk pads can be used to deep cleanse the face and remove dead cells, blackheads and impurities. They stimulate cell respiration and other physiological functions of the skin. They leave the skin looking radiant and smooth and free from impurities, reducing any tendency of the skin to acne.
  • Details

    Aloe vera - with moisturizing, emollient, soothing and smoothing properties
    Kiwi - Plant water with vitamin-enriching, astringent, refreshing and toning properties
    Alpha hydroxy acid complex - also known as "Fruit acids" thanks to their exfoliating properties, AHAs help to remove the surface layers of dead cells, thus promoting skin renewal
    Grapefruit seeds - with purifying properties

    Using the textured side of the pad, massage the face and neck with a light circular motion. Immediately after, use the soft part on the face and neck, again massaging with circular movements. We recommend using two pads a week.
    Follow with Hydromousse to ensure softness, freshness and moisturization.

    Single 5 ml pad


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