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Tea Tree Oil 10 ml

Tea Tree Oil 10 ml

Pure Tee Tree Oil


• At the topical level, Tea Tree Oil has an antimicrobial action.
• It has always been known for its multiple uses.
• With a terpene content of 50%.

Recommended dose and method of use For external use: It is recommended to mix 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil with Jojoba oil or cold pressed Sweet Almond oil and massage the affected area with this mixture. As a mouthwash: 3-5 drops in a glass of warm water.

  • Synergies

    Each bottle contains 100% pure Melaleuca alternifolia oil. Melaleuca oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh leaves and twigs.

    Widely used in case of:

    • Pimples • Burns

    • Blisters

    • Insect bites

    • For daily hygiene, a few drops in the shampoo or intimate cleanser

    Bottle 10 ml


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