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Mattifying Moisturizing Cream with Aloe Vera.
Innovative moisturizing and mattifying mousse.
Very light and impalpable mousse. Also suitable in summer.
It quenches the skin by wrapping it with a thin, soft and caressing veil.
Gently mattifies the complexion (matte effect) with an incredibly velvety result.
Precious remedy also to prolong the hold of the make-up ensuring brightness and protection.
Real content of 10% of Aloe Vera.

Nickel Tested
Without allergens. Dermatologically tested
Without petrolatum
Without animal proteins
Without dyes
Hydromousse, the innovative moisturizing and mattifying mousse able to guarantee the face the maximum in delicacy and freshness. For an even brighter skin use the Double Disk pads, their exfoliating action purifies and smoothes the skin, preparing it in the best possible way for the application of Hydromousse.
  • Details

    Aloe Vera - It has a remarkable shielding power on the erythematogenic radiations of UVB. It has a positive soothing function ensuring hydration and emolliency for a fresh and radiant face.
    Aloe Butter - Contrasts the excessive production of sebum by restoring the natural brightness of the skin.
    Lemon Bioflavonoids - Promote antioxidant activity, delaying skin aging and reducing imperfections due to the appearance of wrinkles.
    Vitamins E and C - They perform an important antioxidant function aimed at protecting the skin from aging and preserving its natural elasticity.
    Vitamin A - Ensures nourishment, hydration and stimulates cell renewal.


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