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Agilven Cold Gel Legs

Agilven Cold Gel Legs

AGILVEN GEL FREDDO GAMBE is a gel with a sensation of intense cold, with a rich and extremely effective formula.
Its application - through massage - already helps to stimulate circulation, conferring a sensation of lightness, vitality and toned skin.

Thanks to Escin and Esculoside, it helps to balance the permeability of capillaries, as well as improve their strength, thereby facilitating the drainage of accumulated fluids.
The phytoextracts of Butcher's broom, Red vine and Horse chestnut exert their trophic, protective and toning properties.
Melilot performs a decongestant action and helps to counter any inflammation.
Vitamin PP and “Biosaccharide GUM-1” exert an antioxidant and moisturizing action.
Menthol and the Essential oils of Mint and Eucalyptus bring freshness and relief to legs.

  • Details

    Butcher's broom, red vine, horse chestnut, melilot, escin, esculoside, vitamin pp, menthol, essential oils of mint and eucaliptus, biosaccharide gum-1.

    Further Qualities
    This gel is free from parabens, petroleum products, animal proteins and coloring.
    It has been dermatologically and nickel tested.

    Tube 100 ml


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