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A new study on Ginseng was published in the accredited Scientific Reports in December 2014, conducted by researchers from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai.

The team studied the effects of protopanaxatriol, an important class of ginsenosides, on several parameters linked to metabolic disorders.

The study was conducted on obese mice. Mice resemble humans for a large chunk of their genetic makeup, and for this reason these animals are often the starting point for research and, hopefully, interesting discoveries.

The results of the study were very satisfying, because the mice analyzed showed a reduction in:

  • body weight

  • blood lipid levels

  • insulin resistance

  • steatosis

Of course, the results obtained on animal models cannot be directly extended or generalized to humans, and require accurate experimental confirmation.

However, they are a great starting point and encouragement for future research.

In short, research on Ginseng continues worldwide and accredited: more and more people choose to rely on the extract of this particular root, by virtue of its adaptogenic effects, or for its application in other fields.

All this is in line and confirms what Naturando (an undisputed Ginseng specialist for 40 years) has always maintained: Ginseng extract still has a lot to give, both as regards its already confirmed properties, and for those only hypothesized so far.

The study conducted by Yu Zhang's team did nothing but give even more credit to Ginseng as a mine of valid and useful compounds for the well-being of the person.

In this regard, it is good to remember that not all Ginseng extracts have the same powers: the effect of an extract depends not only on the quantity that is taken, but also on its intrinsic characteristics, such as the number and content of ginsenosides, or the active compounds of Ginseng.

IL-HWA Sigillo Oro applies the most rigorous rules to guarantee the quality of its extract:

  • It uses only Korean Ginseng, the variety that boasts a higher spectrum of ginsenosides;

  • The extract is obtained from whole roots (a fundamental requirement for an all-round effect, since ginsenosides with different action are distributed in different areas of the rhizome) and mature, in full splendor;

  • Strictly low temperature extraction procedures are followed, in order not to alter the active compounds;

  • During cultivation, only natural fertilizers are used, and the extract does not contain dyes or preservatives.

To make the most of the adaptogenic virtues of Ginseng, we recommend 500-1000 mg of IL-HWA Sigillo Oro soft extract per day, taken as they are or dissolved in hot and sweetened water as desired. The intake can be repeated cyclically, at the times of the year when there is a need for an extra boost against tiredness, fatigue, stress.

Source: Yu Zhang, Lijing Yu, Protopanaxatriol, a novel PPARγ antagonist from Panax ginseng, alleviates steatosis in mice, Sci Rep. 2014; 4: 7375.

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